Why Planned Maintenance?

Your heating & cooling equipment accounts for approximately half of your household energy costs throughout the year. The heavy activity of your system also leads to a lot of wear and tear. This makes it important to have your equipment inspected regularly so that fine-tuning can take place. HVAC maintenance plans are excellent for addressing these needs through pre-scheduled service.

Semi-annual planned maintenance schedules fulfill the recommended manufacturer requirements for retaining standard limited warranty coverage.

It is important for vacation homes to be checked semi-annually also since these systems are not monitored as closely as systems in primary residences. We see a greater number of major component failures in homes that sit empty for much of the heating season because no one was living there to notice the unit wasn't functioning properly. 

It's easy to forget about regular servicing of your heating or cooling equipment.  Demanding seasonal heating or cooling activity can creep up unexpectedly, and it's easy to dismiss the need for system services.  However, you may want to consider the fact that missing your pre-season tune-up actually robs you of important system benefits, including:

  • Improved energy efficiency levels
  • Lower utility costs
  • Better home comfort control
  • Stronger circulation of air
  • Early identification of worn or broken part(s)
  • Prolonged system life & improved reliability
  • Assistance in planning for the eventual replacement of system components
  • Help with performance & indoor air quality questions
  • Savings on repairs
  • Reduced need for after hours emergency service

In addition to inspecting & tuning-up each system semi-annually, you will also receive a

15% discount 

on repair parts & labor (for repairs made during regular hours during the term of the agreement).  NOTE:  Diagnostic calls, air filters and refrigerant are not eligible for discount.


Cooling Maintenance

Service of your cooling equipment should be handled in the spring so that you are ready for the hot summer months.  Your air conditioner or heat pump will manage your home's humidity levels in addition to cooling your indoor environment.  Failure to service your system could leave you dealing with sweltering conditions, but planned HVAC maintenance agreements ensure that you will be contacted so that the need doesn't slip your mind. 

It is important to regularly monitor the refrigerant level and cleanliness of the system's coils.  When needed, coil cleaning and/or refrigerant recharging are two of the most important steps in fine-tuning your cooling equipment, each providing potential savings of up to 20 percent on your cooling costs.  Dirty coils inhibit the transfer of heat between your indoor air supply and your refrigerant supply, making it tough to achieve comfortable conditions in your home.  Cleaning the coils results in improved air flow through your ducts.  Please note that some coil models are difficult to access & require an additional charge should they need cleaning.  Low refrigerant levels can lead to stress on your compressor, causing premature failure.


Heating Maintenance

Heat pump systems need to be checked again for the winter heating season so that problems can be corrected to help keep your utility usage to a minimum.  

Having a tune-up before your furnace is put into operation for the heating season is an investment in your family's safety.  The second greatest cause of house fires is home heating, and compromised equipment can place your family at risk.  Additionally, cleaning and inspecting your equipment allows your technician to pinpoint problems that could lead to excessive carbon monoxide in your home.

Current Annual Fee

(per system within the local area*)

$215.00 - 1st HVAC system** in house

$185.00 - each added system** in house

$  35.00 - Zoning Accessories

$  35.00 - Whole house humidifier

$  35.00 - Whole house de-humidifier

$  30.00 - Electronic Air Cleaner

*Local area:  Lafollette/Jacksboro/Caryville

(other areas call for availability / pricing)

**A complete system provides heating & cooling.  Each system will receive one cooling season tune-up AND one heating season tune-up per year.