HVAC Equipment Tune-ups

HVAC manufacturers recommend that heating & air systems receive regular maintenance tune-ups twice a year. Once in the spring for air conditioning, and once in the fall for heating. Semi-annual tune-ups fulfill the recommended manufacturer maintenance requirements for retaining standard limited warranty coverage on HVAC equipment. We offer homeowners two options:

On Request Tune-up -- When a homeowner calls to request a tune-up, we add them to our current spring air conditioning or fall heating tune-up request list.  When the weather is appropriate, we call & schedule a single visit to perform the tune-up(s) on their system(s).

Regular Local Tune-up Rates Lafollette, Jacksboro & Caryville area:
 (other areas please call our office to ask for availability / pricing)

$115.00 -- First Residential System

$  95.00 -- Each Additional Residential System in the same house

$  20.00 -- Each whole house humidifier, de-humidifier, electronic air cleaner, zoning

If it is necessary to add refrigerant or replace parts or filters, those items will be billed in addition to the cost of the tune-up(s).

Planned Maintenance Agreements -- When a homeowner purchases an annual Planned Maintenance Agreement, they receive one cooling & one heating tune-up on their system(s).  We automatically call them (or their property caretaker) during the appropriate time of year to schedule the tune-up(s).  The annual fee is lower than having On-Request Tune-ups performed twice per year.  During the term of the annual agreement, if the homeowner's HVAC system breaks down & requires a new part, they receive a 15% discount off the retail price of the new part & the labor to install it during regular hours. Please visit the Maintenance Agreements page on our website for more details on Planned Maintenance Agreements.

If a homeowner is not able to manage the cost of having semi-annual maintenance performed, we recommend that they have a spring air conditioning tune-up performed one year & a fall heating tune-up the next year.  Sometimes a homeowner requests that we perform a single, annual tune-up for both heating & cooling.  That is possible if you have a gas furnace with air conditioning (the outdoor temps will need to be warm enough to accurately gauge the refrigerant level & assess the AC performance).  Unfortunately, weather conditions affect the ability to accurately gauge a heat pump system's heating performance if it's too warm outside or accurately gauge the refrigerant level & assess the air conditioning performance if outdoor temps are too cool. This is why semi-annual tune-ups are preferable. 

It is important for vacation homes to be checked semi-annually since these systems are not monitored as closely as systems in a primary residence.  We see a greater number of major component failures in homes that sit empty for much of the heating season because no one was living there to notice the system wasn't functioning properly. 

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