Trane XL824
Honeywell T6 Pro Smart Thermostat
Trane XR724

Wi-Fi  Capable Thermostats*

* Wi-Fi capability requires access to a wireless signal with reliable, always on internet service.

The thermostat models shown are NOT compatible with communicating HVAC systems.

A Wi-Fi capable thermostat might be just what you desire for monitoring your HVAC system's operation and controlling the temperature while you are away. It also enables owners of vacation homes to enjoy the added convenience of arriving to a comfortable indoor climate. Just remotely set the temperature you desire through your app about 7-8 hours before you plan to arrive!

There is no monthly subscription fee to remotely control the thermostat models shown above (unless you have more than four Honeywell or eight Trane thermostats in your home).  Adding other smart home controls & devices may require a monthly subscription fee.

With a Trane Wi-Fi capable thermostat you can also enable the free Trane Home Diagnostics feature that allows your dealer to remotely monitor your HVAC system's performance & proactively identify issues. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: After we install a Wi-Fi capable thermostat, it will function like a model with no Wi-Fi capability until the homeowner completes the steps necessary to connect it to their wireless internet service. The homeowner must:

  1. Download the free Honeywell Home or Trane Home app from the app store to a smart phone, tablet, or computer.
  2. Create an account & sign into the app.
  3. Follow the instructions in the thermostat user guide to connect the thermostat to the home's wireless internet service.

Homeowners that experience any difficulties connecting the thermostat to their wireless internet service, can get IT help by calling customer support.

1-800-633-3991  Honeywell Customer Support

1-877-288-7707  Trane Home Customer Support